London at Heritage Condo Owner Manual

Live, Work, Play.

Our team is committed to providing you with an excellent level of service from day one, which is why we’ve prepared this handy guide help you get settled in. We’re thrilled that you’ve chosen to call us home!


Community Office

#200, 8710 Horton Road SW
Calgary AB , T2V 0P7


Office Hours

  • Monday – Friday 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Weekends and Holidays CLOSED

24 Hour Security and After Hours Emergencies
Dominion Tower Lobby
8710 Horton Rd. SW,
Calgary, AB T2V 0P7

CondoCafe Owner’s Portal

CondoCafe is the online portal for condo owners where you can:

  • Update contact information
  • Subscribe to the community e-newsletter
  • Access important links and resources
  • Connect with other condo owners in your building via our online bulletin board
  • View community announcements and event calendar
  • Set up online payments for condo fees and utilities (owners only)

How to create your account

  1. Visit: link.westcorp.net/condocafe
  2. Under the login form, click “Click here to register.”
  3. To create your account and verify your identity, you will need to register using your registration code and the email address provided to management
  4. Once registered, check your inbox for a confirmation email with prompts to finish creating your account
    1. If you don’t see the email in your inbox, please check your spam or junk folder

Access Resident Portal from your smartphone! Download the CondoCafe Resident Portal app here: www.condocafe.com/mobileapps.aspx


London at Heritage Station is pleased to offer a dedicated Concierge to make your day-to-day easier. Services include:

  • Activating key fobs
  • Updating resident information
  • Elevator bookings for move ins and move outs
  • Arranging suite keys for contractors
  • Parking info
  • Assistance with Parcel Pending and deliveries
  • General information about our community

Located on the main floor of the Dominion Tower (8710 Horton RD SW)

Colleen Dolan

Opt-In for Emails

Did you know having a resident portal account does not automatically opt you in for Westcorp emails? Opt-in today to receive news about community events, announcements and updates! You can change your opt-in status at any time.

How do I opt in?

  1. Log into Resident Portal
  2. Click on the PROFILE icon on the top right-hand corner of the page
  3. Click on the EDIT PROFILE button

Or if you have the RentCafe or CondoCafe Resident App for iPhone or Android, you can update your opt-in status by going into SETTINGS > PERSONAL INFO and turning on the “Subscribe to Email Notifications” toggle.


We offer a variety of convenient payment options. Set up and forget with our auto-pay option for variable auto payments, or submit payments monthly when it suits you.

  • Personal Cheque ($25 fee)
  • ACH or EFT (Free!) You’ll need the Institution Number, Transit Number and Bank Account Number which can be found on your personal cheque
  • Debit Card (0.75% fee)
    • Includes Visa Debit and Mastercard Debit
  • Credit Card (1.75% fee)
  • Includes Visa, Mastercard and American Express

Non-sufficient funds (NSF) fees will be billed back to the resident at a rate of $25.

How to Add Payment Options and Set Up Auto-Pay

  1. Login to Resident Portal on your web browser
    • Westcorp Renters: https://link.westcorp.net/rentcafe
    • Condo-Owners: https://link.westcorp.net/condocafe
  2. Click on My Account > Payment Accounts
    1. Here you will be able to add the payment type of your choice.
  3. Once you have added a payment type, click the “Auto-pay Setup” tab
    1. You will be able to setup automatic payments on any day, the amount and the you have the ability to start and end the payment whenever you like.


  1. What if my debit card does not have a name on it?  No problem! Simply enter the name that is associated with your debit card account.
  2. I don’t have a personal check, how can I find my banking information? Log onto your web banking or phone banking app and search “Direct Deposit Form”, this is the same information that would be provided on a personal cheque.
  3. What if my debit card has more or less than 16 digits? As specified above, only Visa Debits or Mastercard Debits can be processed as a Debit Card. If you have an old-fashioned Interac only Debit Card, follow the steps in question 2 to obtain your banking information for a FREE transaction fee!

Have questions? Need help? Contact our Community Office to find out more!

Top 10 Condominium Bylaws

An Owner or Occupant of a London Unit WILL NOT:

  1. Permit anything that might cause damage to trees, plants, bushes, flowers, or lawns or any object on the lawns and grounds, including the Common Property, or to interfere with the maintenance of such grounds generally.
  2. Throw any object or substance from any door, balcony or window of a Unit.
  3. Make or permit undue noise in or about any Unit or Common Property which in the opinion of the Board is a nuisance or unreasonably interferes with the use and enjoyment of a Unit or the Common Property by any other Owner or Occupier.
  4. Make or cause to be made any alteration, addition, decoration, redecoration change, or installation on or adjoining the outside of that Residential Unit without the prior consent in writing of the Board or unless otherwise specifically authorized by these By-laws.
  5. Use a Barbecue within that Residence Unit, or use any barbecue other than a NATURAL GAS BARBEQUE in any Privacy Area adjacent to that Unit, or on the Common Property unless otherwise authorized by the Board.
  6. Erect, or permit to be erected or fastened to any Unit any television, mobile telephone or radio antenna, tower, satellite dish or similar structure or appurtenances unless otherwise specifically authorized by the Board.
  7. Wash motor vehicles or carry out repairs or adjustments to automobiles on the Parcel, nor bring any vehicle other than a motor scooter, motorcycle, private passenger automobiles, 1/2 ton, 3/4 ton or I ton trucks or 4X4 vehicles onto the Parcel unless otherwise specifically provided in these Bylaws or otherwise specifically authorized by the Board other than in the course of delivery to or removal from the Parcel.
  8. Erect, place, allow, keep or display signs, billboards, advertising matter or other notices or displays of any kind on the Common Property or in/on any unit visible from the exterior (windows) thereof unless otherwise specifically authorized by the Board or these Bylaws, provided however that the foregoing will not prevent an Owner from displaying “For Sale” sign, notice or other material in respect of the offering of a Unit for sale in the area or location as contemplated in Bylaw 19.12 which states:
    • 19.12 – Westcorp may designate an area or location within the Parcel on or at which “For Sale” signs, notices, or other material designated and established criteria respecting the use of such area or location.
  9. Bicycles: An Owner or Occupier of a Unit shall not transport any bicycle in any elevator forming a part of the Common Property or park or store any bicycle on the Common Property other than in bicycle racks, rooms, or other facilities designated by the Board

An Owner or Occupant of a London Unit WILL:

  1. Permit the Corporation and its authorized agents, at all reasonable times on 48 hours notice (except in the case of a perceived emergency when the Corporation and its authorized agents may effect such entry at anytime without notice) to enter the Owners Unit for the purpose of inspecting, maintaining, repairing, restoring, or replacing Common Property. In the event of a Residential Tenancy, 24 hours notice will be given.


Security is located in the lobby of the Dominion tower and is available in the building 24 hours a day. In case of an after-hours building emergency (outside of regular office hours), please call 403-312-9083.

Maintenance Emergencies

We define emergencies as those instances involving:

  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Loss of heat
  • Complete power failure
  • Broken Suite Locks, Doors Or Windows
  • Gas Smells

Should an emergency occur, please use the numbers listed in the following sequence:

  • Community Administrator: 403-246-2000
  • After-Hours Security: 403-312-9083


The sunroom on the 17th floor is available for community use by residents. Private bookings can be made through the Community Office . Please remember that no alcohol, smoking, or pets are allowed in the sunroom or on the patio. The sunroom is open from 7:00 AM until 10:00 PM daily.

Balcony & Barbecue Usage

To maintain a neat and consistent appearance to the building, balconies are not to be used for storage. Only seasonal patio furniture and a natural gas BBQ are permitted. Propane is not permitted on the balcony. No compressed gases of any kind are allowed in the unit or on the balcony.

Move In/Move Out Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that residents are not unduly inconvenienced by move-ins and move-outs in the buildings, and to ensure that the buildings and elevators are not damaged in the moving process.

Residents moving in or out are required to adhere to the following procedures:

  1. The elevator must be booked for all move-ins, move-outs and deliveries of large items.
  2. Bookings can be made through the Community Office at heritageoffice@westcorp.net or 403-410-7575
    1. Bookings are restricted to two-hour time slots, between 8:00am and 8:00pm Monday-Thursday, and between 8:00am and 10:00pm Friday-Sunday.
    2. Move-in bookings must be secured with a non-refundable $50.00 payment. Payment can be made by cheque or debit.
    3. Using the elevator without payment or booking will result in a $150.00 fine.
  3. Loading zone parking is available for a maximum of 2 hours. Any vehicle that remains longer than this period is subject to ticketing and/or towing. The loading zones for each building are in the following locations:
    1. Abbey Tower (South) parking is located at the back of the building on the south side. Moving vehicles are not to park in the front of the Abbey Tower. No moves should go through the front lobby.
    2. Dominion Tower (North) parking is located in front of the main entrance to the building.
  4. Doors are not to be left unattended when propped open.
  5. Elevator pads will be installed in the service elevators prior to any elevator booking.
    1. Large items may not be moved without the moving pads being installed.
  6. The elevator will be locked during a booking and is only to be used by the unit specified on the booking form.
  7. Security and cleaning staff will do a pre and post inspection of the lobby, hallway, elevator and garbage room.
    1. Residents are responsible for the clean-up of any mess created in the hallway, elevator or lobby.
    2. Any dirt or damage that occurs because of a move-in or move-out will be the responsibility of the person indicated on the booking form. Any costs for cleaning and repairs will be levied to that person.
    3. The garbage area is for regular household refuse only. Furniture or moving garbage is to be disposed of off-site by the resident. If anything is left behind in the common areas, including the garbage room, a disposal charge will be applied accordingly.
    4. Cardboard must be broken down and placed in the cardboard bin only.

**If you are an Owner renting your unit, you are responsible for the actions of your tenant and any damage or clean-up costs created by your tenant.

Bicycle Storage

Located on the first and second levels of the parkade, you will find a bicycle storage room.  You must have “bike room access” added to your building fob to gain access to the bicycle storage room. Please contact our Concierge for any assistance. Security monitors the bike room on daily patrols; however it is recommended that you lock your bicycle to the racks in the storage room. The bicycle room is for bike storage only. Any other items left in the storage room will be removed and disposed of.

Garburator Use and Maintenance

How to Use the Garburator Properly

  1. Insert the stopper and fill the sink with water.
  2. Remove stopper from sink opening and continue running the water.
  3. Be sure to position stopper properly to minimize possible ejection of material while grinding.
  4. Turn on wall switch to start the disposal.
  5. SLOWLY dispose of small amounts of food at a time, as our garburators are small units.
  6. After grinding is complete, turn the disposal off and run water for a few seconds to flush drain line.

In your garburator sink, do:

  • Grind peelings from citrus fruits to freshen up drain smells.
  • Use a disposal cleaner, degreaser, or deodorizer as necessary to relieve odors, such as Disposal Care®. This product is generally available in major home centres, hardware, and grocery stores.

In your garburator sink, don’t:

  • Pour grease of fat down your disposal or any drain (please see Drain Care)
  • Don’t grind hard materials. Don’t grind a lot of vegetable peels all at once, do it gradually.
  • Don’t grind large amounts of eggshells or fibrous materials like corn husks/artichokes.
  • Don’t grind pasta and rice as it will swell with water and clog the disposal.
  • Don’t turn off the disposal until grinding is completed, and only the sound of the motor and water is heard.

Cleaning The Disposal

To clean the disposal:

  1. Place stopper in sink opening and fill sink halfway with warm water.
  2. Mix 1/4 cup baking soda with water.
  3. Turn the disposal on and remove stopper from sink at same time to wash away loose particles.

Releasing A Disposal Jam

If the motor stops while the disposal is operating, the disposal may be jammed. To release a jam:

  1. Turn off the disposal and water.
  2. Turn off the power breaker.
  3. Insert one end of self-service wrench (Large L-End Key) into centre hole on the bottom of the disposal.
  4. Work wrench back and forth until it turns one full revolution.
  5. Remove wrench.
  6. Reach into the disposal with tongs only and remove object(s).
  7. Allow the disposal motor to cool for 3 – 5 minutes, then lightly push red reset button on the disposal bottom.
  8. If the motor remains inoperative, check service panel for tripped circuit breakers or blown fuses.

Garbage Disposal

Only regular household refuse is accepted in the garbage room. Please do not leave large, unwanted items in this area. It is your responsibility to dispose of these items elsewhere. The garbage room for each building is located on the first floor of the parkade. There is an entrance from the building into the parkade at the east end of the hallway.

Basic Instructions for Compactor Operation

  1. Toss garbage into the top opening of the compactor or open the door on the side to deposit refuse.
  2. Ensure handle is turned counter-clockwise to secure door.
  3. The compactor will start automatically when full.

Non-Acceptable Items in Garbage Compactor (and room)

  • No liquids of any kind
  • No Paint, solvent, thinners, oils, hazardous or flammable materials
  • No Large bulky items like furniture
  • No dirt, rock, concrete, cement, heavy metal items
  • No construction waste

Please Note: Garbage Compactor and Bins are designed for general domestic waste only. DO NOT DUMP LARGE UNWANTED ITEMS IN THE GARBAGE ROOM. You are responsible for the removal of those items. Any City of Calgary landfill offers drop off large garbage items for only $5.00 per pickup truck load.

Recycling Program

We do our best to help save our environment by recycling, but the program will only be successful if it has the attention of every owner and resident. Two recycling bins are available in the garbage room. Recycling is single stream and no sorting is required. Recycling is picked up on Monday and Friday morning. Please refrain from bringing down recycling during this time, as no bins will be available.

Acceptable material for recycling:

  • Mixed Paper – this includes all types of paper products including newspaper, cardboard, junk mail, flyers, box board etc.
  • Plastics – all types including hard plastics, shrink wrap, plastics #1-7
  • Tin Cans and Metal
  • Clear Glass
  • Coloured Glass
  • Deposit Bottles – all sizes plastic, tin and glass deposit containers

Cardboard Recycling

In addition to these items we have also supplied a metal bin slotted container for cardboard recycling. This bin is for flattened cardboard only. Please make sure there is NO plastic, loose paper or garbage deposited in this container.

Resident Parking

  • Resident parking is available on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd levels of the parkade. Please review your parking agreement. Unless an additional stall was purchased by the owner only one stall and vehicle is permitted per unit.
  • Stalls are not to be used for storage of tires or any other items.
  • Please be attentive to the clearance heights and speed limit signs posted throughout the parkade – maximum clearance in the parkade is 6’10”and the speed limit is 15 km/hour.
  • The access fob allows residents access to the parkade. There is a $100 replacement fee for a lost access fob. Do not enter or exit the parkade after another vehicle has swiped their fob – you must swipe your card before driving in or out of the parkade.
  • A Permit (Mirror Tag) is issued to the owner for each stall owned. The Permit must be displayed on the rearview mirror of the vehicle using the stall, with the number facing forward. The Permit is to be visibly displayed at all times the vehicle is in the parkade. Failure to display the Permit could result in the vehicle being ticketed and towed at the vehicle owner’s expense. There is a $100 replacement fee for a lost permit.

Visitor Parking

All residents are responsible for registering parking for their visitors. The OffStreet system will be applied to all designated Visitor Parking Areas, including P4 (the area designated in red on the map below) and all stalls within the two front surface lots at the entrance to each building, both Abbey and Dominion. We are confident this new system will simplify the Visitor Parking Registration and restore order to our Visitor Parking areas. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Community Office at heritageoffice@westcorp.net or 403-410-7575.

To register your visitor’s parking:

  • Visit Web: www.offstreet.io
  • Location #: 113440
  • Unique Code: Provided by the Community Office upon move in

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is only one (1) code per unit and it is the Owners responsibility to administer and maintain that code when there are new renters. The London and Heritage Management Office will not be responsible for providing this code to private Renters.

Content Insurance

It is required, for the safety and security of your belongings, that you carry adequate household insurance.

The insurance clause (50.0) in your residential tenancy agreement stresses the obligation to insure your personal property against damage and also maintain liability coverage in case of negligence.

We ask that you provide the administration office with evidence of your insurance coverage and to provide renewal information prior to the expiration date of the insurance coverage. A copy of your policy will be placed in your rental file.

Pet Rules & Regulations

Having a pet reside in your unit is a privilege, and not a right. While London at Heritage is a “Pet Friendly” building there are rules governing pets and Bylaw 42.01 specifically states:

An owner shall not…“Keep or allow any animal of any kind (other than a bird, fish, small dog, cat or other small animal restrained at all times inside a Residential Unit or a dog for medical reasons) at any time to be in or on the Common Property without the specific approval in writing of the board, provided that the Board may , at any time in writing revoke such consent or request the removal of any such animal which is deemed a nuisance or causing an annoyance to others, whereupon such animal shall be removed from the Unit and provided further that all dogs must be hand leashed and kept under control at all times on the common property.”

Your agreement to maintain the following rules and regulations regarding your pet will allow other residents the right to quiet enjoyment:

  • All droppings must be picked up immediately and not left until later. You must carry a bag or container when you walk with your pet (City of Calgary by-law 23M2006, Sec. 4 (e) – $250.00 fine);
  • Dogs must be on a leash less than six (6) feet in length while on common property and must not run at large (City of Calgary by-law 23M2006, Sec 3 – $100.00 fine and dog will be seized and sent to the pound);
  • Excessive barking will be treated as a noise complaint (City of Calgary by-law 23M2006. Sec. 4 (a) (5) – fine $100.00);
  • Cats must be confined inside the unit or enclosed area and not allowed to wander at large (City of Calgary by-law 23M2006, Sec. 164 (3) – fine $100.00);
  • Large or dangerous breeds of dogs as determined by the Board of Directors, such as Doberman Pinschers, German Shepherds, Labradors, St. Bernard’s, Pit Bulls, Huskies, Rottweilers, etc. will not be allowed. Determining whether a dog is large or dangerous shall be at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors or designated alternate;
  • Pets are not to be tied or left loose on patios or balconies for long periods of time or when owners are not at home;
  • Pets must be taken off the common property for their walks; or to the designated pet area. Those areas are on the south side of the Abbey tower (across the lane) and the North side of the Dominion tower (across walkway). Owners will be fined $250 for pets urinating or defecating on common areas not designated as “pet areas”;
  • Pets are not allowed to wander on common property or common areas. They must be hand leashed or handheld when outside the owners unit;
  • Cat litter must be disposed of in a secured plastic bag and placed directly into the garbage compactor;
  • Owners will be responsible for their pets and any and all damage caused on the common or private property;
  • All Cats and Dogs must have a license issued by City of Calgary (by-law 23M2006 Sec. 4 (1), Sec. 3 (1)   fine – $250.00 for each pet).

**These Rules and Regulations are subject to modification by discretion of the Board of Directors. To apply for a pet, please contact our Community Office at heritageoffice@westcorp.net or 403-410-7575

BAXI Heating & Air Conditioning

The BAXI boiler monitors your individual power, water and electricity usage. It is located in the closet panel in the bedroom. Yearly maintenance is recommended for the BAXI. The recommended contractor for BAXI maintenance is Romcan Heating Solutions at 403-371-4929 or romcan@shaw.ca.

All units do not come equipped with air conditioning. If you wish to have an air conditioning unit installed, you must have a certified contractor’s estimate approved by the Property Manager prior to installation. The approved type of air conditioning is a Mitsubishi, Mr. Slim unit, model number R410A, or equivalent. The following contractors are able to install and maintain this type of air conditioning:

  • Reliance Home Comfort 403-264-4822
  • Alberta Home Services 403-299-0299
  • Arpi’s 403-236-2444

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, and you are free to call the contractor of your choosing.

Drain Care

Not only are pipe and sewage backups unpleasant to deal with, they could result in flooding, costly repairs and property damage which could affect our whole community. Please do your part to maintain a free-flowing sink and line system by properly disposing of these substances, rather than pouring them down the drain.

  • Food, Scraps & Crumbs, Sauces and Dairy Products
    • Rinsing food scraps (such as coffee grounds, rice, noodles, popcorn kernels, fruit and vegetable peels, pasta, and bread crumbs just to name are few) in the sink can result in particles collecting and rotting your pipes. This organic material not only plugs up your pipes, the smell could prove inviting to pests.
    • How to dispose properly: Instead, we recommend disposing all food and crumbs in the garbage, and using a sink strainer (found in dollar stores and hardware stores) to catch food particles before they enter your drain.
  • Grease, Fats, Lard, Cooking Oil, Butter, Margarine and Shortening
    • Whether hot or cold, all types of grease and fats can cling to the sides of your pipes and quickly thicken when exposed to the cooler lines beneath your sink, creating a hardened plug.
    • How to dispose properly: Always allow grease to cool before pouring into an air-tight container (such as old yogurt containers or sauce jars), and store in the refrigerator or freezer. Once solidified, wrap your grease tightly in a bag to prevent leaks and throw into the garbage for disposal.
  • Hazardous Household/Mechanical Waste, Outside Oils, Paints, Solvents, and Pesticides & Fertilizers
    • Never pour mechanical, automotive or hazardous materials down your sink as mixing certain chemicals could be potentially dangerous, and corrode or plug our pipes.
    • How to dispose properly: Leftover lubricating oils, motor oil, antifreeze, paint, bleach, cleaning chemicals, pesticides and other household waste can be taken to select Calgary Fire Station or landfill for safe disposal at no cost. To learn more or to find your closest hazardous waste drop-off station, visit: www.calgary.ca

Fire Safety

High-rise apartment buildings, generally speaking, are those six stories in height and over. All suites contain a large amount of combustible furniture such as beds, bedding, sofas, chairs, rugs, curtains, etc. Residents of these buildings, however, are often unfamiliar with the built-in safety features of modern fire-resistant construction and are unsure of what to do in the event of a fire. The following information is offered in the interest of your safety.

Built-In Safety Features of High-Rise Apartments

  • Fire Resistive Construction
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Interior Fire Escape Stairways
  • Interior Water Supplies for firefighting.

High-rise apartment buildings are constructed of fire-resistive materials. The suites are separated by concrete floors and fire-resistive walls to prevent the spread of fire from one suite to another.

These buildings contain a fire alarm system, which will alert the whole building when activated. The alarm system must be activated manually except where heat and smoke detectors automatically active the fire alarm.

London at Heritage Station contains interior fire-resistant stairways. The stairways are marked on each floor by exit lights. To preserve the safety of these escape stairs, the doors leading into them MUST BE KEPT CLOSED AT ALL TIMES.

What to Do in Case of Fire

    • Alert everyone in the suite.
    • CALL THE FIRE DEPARTMENT 911 and give the complete address and suite number, if possible.
    • Leave your suite, CLOSE BUT DO NOT LOCK THE DOOR.
    • Sound the fire alarm in the corridor.
    • If the fire is in its incipient stage, use the building firefighting equipment.
    • Leave your floor by way of the stairway. NEVER USE THE ELEVATORS. Walk, DO NOT RUN, to the lobby.
    • Once you have left the fire area, DO NOT RETURN TO IT.
    • Meet the Fire Department in the main lobby, unlock the front door and inform them of the location of the fire. Leave the building and gather at the corner of 83rd avenue and 111th street.
    • Stop what you are doing.
    • CALL THE FIRE DEPARTMENT at 911 and give the complete address and location of the fire, if known.
    • Close all windows and balcony doors.
    • Check your suite door before opening it, if it is hot to the touch, DO NOT OPEN IT but soak bedding, mattresses, etc., with water and pile against the door.
    • If the door is cold to the touch, open it slowly and check the corridor for smoke.
    • If the corridor is clear, close your suite door behind you and leave the building by way of the stairway.
    • If the corridor is impassable, remain in your suite and keep your door closed. Stand on the balcony or by an open window. Signal your position by waving.
  • DON’T PANIC…you are likely safer in your suite with the doors closed than in attempting to escape thorough fire and smoke.

Building Safety

Be a good neighbour and do your part to keep our building safe!

  • Do not hold the door for someone unless you know for certain that they are a current resident. You aren’t being rude; you’re being safe.
  • Ensure that doors are securely closed behind you.
  • Report any suspicious or disruptive activity or property damage to Security
  • Call 911 for medical or fire emergencies


The intercom code is different from your suite number to improve security. Residents must inform the Concierge or Community Office of their local phone number, suite and what is to be listed on the directory. Eg. Full name or initials.

To temporarily unlock the lobby doors and grant entry to the building, press 9 on your phone.

Key Replacement

In order to maintain building security and keep our residents safe, we ask that you protect your keys and access cards. Should you require replacements, please note the following fees. Cards not returned upon move out may be charged back on your ledger.

  • Access Card $100
  • White Mirror Card $100
  • Mailbox Key $5
  • Re-key Suite $75

Parcel Pending

Whether it contains new shoes, homemade cookies, or a new tablet, every package delivered to our property is special, because it belongs to one of our residents. This is why Westcorp are pleased to offer Parcel Pending – a package holding system that allows couriers to securely deliver packages even when you are not home to receive them.

How It Works

When you receive a parcel or courier package, your delivery person will log the delivery into the system, and you will be notified by an email or text message with an access code to retrieve your delivery. You will have three days to pick up your parcel from a locker located on the third floor of the Dominion Tower (8710 Horton RD SW). If you do not pick up your package after three days (or make alternative arrangements), it will be stored for you at an additional charge, payable to Westcorp. Note: Canada Post DOES NOT use Parcel Pending system as they have their own parcel locker in the mail area.

To learn more about Parcel Pending, please go to parcelpending.com
To create a Parcel Pending account, visit link.westcorp.net/londonparcels (Best if used on a desktop browser)
For assistance, please contact Parcel Pending at 1-855-316-4756 or help@parcelpending.com, OR contact our Concierge.

Terms of Service

Acceptable packages must:

  1. Not have a value of over $1000.00
  2. Not be larger than 4 feet (48 inches) in height, width or depth.
  3. Not weigh more than 30 pounds
  4. Not contain anything illegal.

We may need to change the requirements for acceptable packages from time to time to reflect any changes in our operational needs.

Limitation of Liability

Westcorp Property Management Inc., Condominium Corporation 0710635, its affiliates and employees shall not be liable whatsoever for any loss or damage however caused.

Resident Events & Community Newsletter

Westcorp understands that feeling connected to your community means staying informed and being kept in the loop. That’s why we want to remind you to opt in for Westcorp marketing emails so you can continue receiving our newsletters with info on fun events, articles and announcements.

How do I opt in for emails?

  1. Log into Resident portal
  2. Click on the PROFILE icon on the top right-hand corner of the page
  3. Click on the EDIT PROFILE button
  4. Check off the “Subscribe to email notifications” box and hit the Update Profile button to save

Or if you have the Resident Portal app for iPhone or Android, you can update your optin status by going into SETTINGS > PERSONAL INFO and turning on the “Subscribe to Email Notifications” toggle.

I already have a RentCafe/CondoCafe account. Doesn’t that mean I’m automatically opted in for emails?
No, signing up for RENTCafe account is separate from your email opt-in status. Westcorp must obtain your express consent to receive RENTCafe marketing emails, as required by the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation.

What kind of emails will I receive if I opt in?
Westcorp will send community update emails similar to what you’re already used to receiving such as emergency communications, property maintenance, closures, water shut downs, etc. We may also occasionally email you about exciting resident events articles and contests.

What if I opt in and then change my mind?
You can revoke your consent at any time by changing your opt in status on Resident Portal. You can also opt out by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email.

To see our Community Event calendar, sign up for our email newsletter or log into Resident Portal.

Social Media

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  • Emergency Numbers
    • Fire/Police/Ambulance 911
    • Calgary Police Service (non-emergency calls) 266-1234
    • Poison Control Center 944-1414
    • Rockyview General Hospital 943-3000
    • Medicenter (walk-in clinic) 259-3256
  • ATCO Gas 24 hour Emergency 245-7222
  • Enmax Power Outages 514-6100
  • Telus
    • Telephones Internet Technical Support 310-TECH (8324)
    • Residential Installation (Adds/ Moves/ Changes/ Billing/ Inquiries) 310-2255
  • Shaw Cable Customer Service 716-6000
  • Newspaper Delivery
    • Calgary Sun 250-4300
    • Calgary Herald  235-7323
  • Calgary Transit
    • General Information 262-1000
    • Deaf & Speech Impaired 268-8087
    • Teleride 974-4000
  • Taxi Cabs
    • Checker 299-9999
    • Associated 299-1111
    • Blacktop 735-3222
    • Mayfair 255-6555
    • *From your Cellular Phone #TAXI