Update on Epcor Sewer Line Backup in the community of Griesbach in North Edmonton

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Edmonton, AB – (July 21, 2019) – Following the above average rains that Edmonton experienced during the week, an Epcor sewer line backed up in the community of Griesbach in North Edmonton. This incident resulted in the flooding of 124 rental units within the community and several homes in the local area. The Griesbach rental community is managed by Westcorp Property Management and has 526 single family units. Westcorp is advising residents experiencing flooding to contact their insurance companies.
According to Environment Canada weather data online, a total of 78.7 millimeters of rain fell in Edmonton’s Blatchford area on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The largest deluge was on Thursday, when instruments measured 38.8 mm of precipitation.
Westcorp’s management team responded to a work order on Friday at 5:45 PM regarding a sewer backup and arrived at the first incident shortly thereafter. Insurance was engaged immediately, and teams were able to respond to the emergency once the sewer was able to keep up with the volume coming through the line.
“The health and safety of our residents and our communities is of the utmost importance to us,” said Michelle Calloway, Director of Residential Property Management for Westcorp Property Management. “We are working with each of them to find temporary accommodation solutions while the issue is being resolved.”
“We are thankful for the residents who have worked with our team and their insurance through this unfortunate situation,” added Calloway. “Having your basement flood is upsetting and the community has been patient while Epcor resolved the issues. Several residents are now dealing with the loss of personal belongings due to the flooding and are already in contact with their insurance company. Westcorp has negotiated reduced room rates at a local hotel for residents, which should be covered by tenant insurance, while the issue is being resolved.”
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