Our Culture

Westcorp Culture


The Westcorp Team has Integrity and Vitality.
It is fundamental that our values and practices are aligned. We are energetic, positive and well-intentioned; our actions both support and strengthen our relationships.

The Westcorp Team highly values Accountability and Results.
From a clear set of objectives, we take a disciplined and solution-focused approach to our business.

The Westcorp Team fosters Collaboration.
Our collaborative approach and win-win philosophy make us the partner of choice for our stakeholders.

The Westcorp Team believes strongly in Learning and Innovation.
We believe the world is dynamic and that the objectives of both our company and its stakeholders are best met by a philosophy that embraces creativity and innovation.

The culture we maintain

  • Ensures a professional yet fun, busy working environment where people interact in a pleasant, respectful and co-operative manner.
  • Includes quality leadership, competitive wages and benefits, and opportunity for advancement.
  • Ensures that there are opportunities for employees to grow on the job through learning assignments, through accredited industry associations or educational institutions.
  • Ensures strong communication between disciplines.
  • Ensures that Westcorp can grow efficiently as we increase our portfolio and our management presence.